Can you recommend a better solution than live link in Local by Flywheel?

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QuestionsCategory: General QuestionsCan you recommend a better solution than live link in Local by Flywheel?
Adolfo Villanueva
asked 4 months ago

Hello Adam. I'm learning a lot from your instructional videos and I think they're awesome.

I learned to build a website with Elementor and I practice in Local by Flywheel. I find that this is an awesome platform to practice, BUT, I find that Live Link (which is a great idea) just don't work as it should. I dove into Flywheel's support but found that this is a long-time complaint and they never answer.

I'm trying to use another system to show my work to other people but I hit a snag. I found a platform called Pagekite and just can't make it work. There's another called Serveo but it's even more complicated, or I'm to dumb to make head or tails of them. Can you suggest a better (and easier) way to show my work a la Live Link?

Thank You.
Respectfully, Adolfo V

1 Answers
Adam @ WPCrafter Staff answered 4 months ago

Yea it can be a challenge to get a live link because there are routers and firewalls in the middle.

Sadly, there isn't really any great alternatives.

Lately, I have been doing all of my development on Cloudways, which give you a temporary URL to develop on.

Adolfo Villanueva
replied 4 months ago

Thanks for the reply! I will give that platform a try.