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pardeep pathania asked 2 years ago


I am working in a lifter LMS it work like charm. I have set a button inside the lesson page. I want to customize that, it will only shown after completion of a lesson or anybody mark that lesson as complete.

Please see the screenshot for more clarity (

Please help me. I am stuck in the middle. Any help will be appreciated.


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Adam @ WPCrafter Staff answered 2 years ago

There is no easy way to do that. Perhaps you can create a new lesson at the end of each section, and this lesson is only accessible if the prior lesson is complete. This lesson will contain whatever content you want.

andre answered 5 months ago

Hi there, I have two Mark Complete buttons after each lesson, how do I get rid of one?

andre answered 5 months ago

figured it out myself:
#llms_mark_complete {
    display: none;
It's gone gone gone!

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