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  • LearnDash vs Courses for Memberpress

  • Donald

    Sep 10, 2020 at 5:06 pm

    Input wanted: If you were building a new Course site today, with 3 existing courses, and more on the way, would you use LearnDash + Memberpress, or go for the new “Course for Memberpress” that they just released recently? I have paid for both licenses already, I thought I would start this a few months ago, but now it's happening and there are additional options.

    I'm early enough in my process, I'm fine with starting over IF there are better options. I have the first 3 courses already, so it's not the content that is the issue, it's what provides the best foundation for growth, now that we have proved the market will buy our courses.

    We sell courses as standalone, as bundles, and I'd like to share content across a couple of the courses if possible. (I can duplicate it if that is better for the site, but it would be nice to share some materials/videos among a few of the courses where there is overlap.) Later I'd like to add a knowledge base type feature for each course, or sets of courses.

    I want to stay ahead of my competitors, I'm willing to learn what is needed to build a way above average video course delivery platform.

    ******* Backstory for those who care:

    We have a basic course site built on Wishlist and Membership Cube and I want to upgrade. Currently we have 3 course sites on 3 URLs, with duplicated back-ends/membership databases, since that was an easy way to get started, but now as the courses grow, it makes little sense. All three databases are independant and if someone buys all 3 courses, we have to manually add them to two of them.

    I had a 3rd party build the first site, and it's “OK”. I see the features in LearnDash are superior, and now since I'm just building, wondering if anybody knows anything about the new “Memberpress Courses”. Again: both licenses are already paid for, I'm trying to figure out a great path forward.

    Summary question: IF you were starting today to build a set of 3-7 courses, with members buying 1-7 courses, any suggestions on the pros/cons of using both together, or just MemberPress + it's new Courses addin?

    Too many good choices, all input welcomed!

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