Landing Pages for Google Plus

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QuestionsLanding Pages for Google Plus
asked 2 years ago


I have an IT business and we have a lot of competition. We were doing great in ranking and recently we have fallen off a bit and I am not sure why. I have looked at what our competitors are doing and one in particular, who is doing great in rankings, I noticed has two landing pages for his Google Plus account. How can I create two landing pages for my one Google Plus business account. I believe they are also doing a backlink campaign for them. Any ideas??

1 Answers
Adam @ WPCrafter Staff answered 2 years ago

I would ask for some more clarification. You said 2 landing pages, are you saying they have 2 separate business listing, each pointing to a unique landing page?

Generally, I do prefer to have a specific landing page that is specific to the particular service area.