Kyvio Review – What do you think of this ClickFunnels alternative?

QuestionsKyvio Review – What do you think of this ClickFunnels alternative?
John asked 1 year ago

AppSumo has this new deal out today for a SAAS called Kyvio. It used to be named Insta-suite. 

Are you going to make a Kyvio review or tutorial?

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Adam @ WPCrafter Staff answered 1 year ago

UPDATE: here is that review:

I'll have a Kyvio review out tomorrow. Essentially I will rate this a “Proceed With Caution” which is my nice way of saying I think it has problems and may end up being one of those deals that you never use.

You really have to applaud AppSumo on it though because they get asked all the time for ClickFunnels alternative, and this is really the best they could do.

Here are some of the biggest issues:
– All pages will have a floating Powered By badge on the bottom right. It floats. Now nothing says amateur hour more than that. When creating sales fulfills this floating badge will accomplish the exact opposite of what you want. You need trust, that floating badge communicated that you are not committed to your business. This will hurt conversions.
– Extremely rough around the edges
– Very clunky interface that you may not like using
– Doesn't come with the Affiliate System

Now on a side note, I have serious reservations about using a product that was an IM product prior. This is why it is so clunky. Every internet marketing product I have ever purchased was a just a quick money grab and having a reliable product was an afterthought or not even a thought.

Kyvio will never be a ClickFunnels because of its foundation.

Kyvio and Invanto both have the same origin story and sadly the same quality once you dig into it. If it is too good to be true, it usually is.

All that being said, I will have a video review on the channel tomorrow.

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