keep getting file change warning Ithemes security

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QuestionsCategory: WordPress Securitykeep getting file change warning Ithemes security
Sandra Gazzard
asked 1 year ago

I keep getting an email that says  file change warning 1 added 1 removed and im not sure what this means…the file name is wp-content/updraft/log
can anyone advise please

5 Answers
Adam @ WPCrafter Staff answered 1 year ago

Yea you might want to go into the iThemes settings and disable the feature that notifies you on file changes. Its the stupidest feature they have because files are going to constantly change, and that's normal. It will get so annoying.

answered 8 months ago

Thanks Adam, it seems this is a common issue brought up in many forums, I think you're the only that brings common sense to such things.

Robert Abela
answered 7 months ago

File integrity checks (file changes checks) are indeed needed and are crucial in security. File changes on a site because they could be a sign of a hack.

What iThemes seem to be doing wrong is that it does not identify a new plugin install or existing plugin update, so it reports a lot of false alarms, as in this case.

endalldisease answered 2 months ago

Hey Adam!
I've never had any file change notifications before then just today I received an email saying:






This seems like more than just something to ignore.  That's a lot of files!
What do you recommend I do here?  I don't know where to turn.
Thank you!