Is there a way to get all the pages properly working using my new designs?

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QuestionsIs there a way to get all the pages properly working using my new designs?
Curtis Jordan
asked 2 years ago

I took what my developers delivered me and with little experience I used elementor pro to build a new designed header for both non member pages and member pages. Also redesigned the buddypanel.  I then stumbled across stylepress which has allowed me to get most pages setup properly. The “members” and the “activity” pages which I understand are linked to buddypress, I no longer can get to display properly with the new header and panel, or anyway. Though the “my friends”, “my groups” and “notifications” pages display the cover photo, profile photo and the right content but they are all together, in other words they are layered behind the cover photo. I now came across your plugin Fullwidth template.. but with all the options from it and stylepress Im not sure it will work the same. Is there anything I can do a non developer to get the pages to use my new design but still all function properly for the community. 

Curtis Jordan
replied 2 years ago

Well after hours, actually nights of guessing and checking settings in a variety of plugins and a little research to add a little code, the pages are all set up displaying the content they should looking unlike the generic buddypress theme. Now I think the only custom code left to add is when the activity feed loads, correct if I’m wrong but it needs to be a “loop”, not just “get_content”?? can someone please let me know if this is correct and how I would write this and where to place it. Thank you kindly!!

1 Answers
Adam @ WPCrafter Staff answered 2 years ago

Sorry to keep shooting you down. I don't recommend anyone use BuddyPress because there are very few developers that have experience with it and it tends to have problems. It's not impossible, but you have to have a sizeable budget to pay for support because you are going to need it. The folks at BuddyBoss are probably the most experienced with it.