Is ‘Internal Embedding’ in Elementor A Good Idea?

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QuestionsCategory: ElementorIs ‘Internal Embedding’ in Elementor A Good Idea?
Michael Chalk
asked 5 months ago

I watched (last night) your latest video on short pixel adaptive images and decided to go with it as I hadn't optimized my images and although I always pre-cut my images to less than 50kb before uploading, GT Metrix was still downgrading me (and a 3.5sec avg load time is quite long).

When I downloaded the plugin I got a message telling me there was a clash with Elementor's CSS Print Method currently set as ‘external file' under elementor settings. The plugin advised I switch it to ‘internal embedding' so that it could function. However, the only text I can find on google about this suggests internal embedding is not a good idea.

For information, I have followed quite a few of your videos and so host my website with siteground and wordpress builder elementor – exactly the combo used in the video. I tried to buy shortpixel credits through your appsumo link but they've sold out. Before I buy them at full price, I wanted to check what effect ‘internal embedding' on my CSS Print File may have on my website?

1 Answers
Adam @ WPCrafter Staff answered 4 months ago

You know, I wouldn't be surprised if they have resolved this requirement already. 
Over the last month, they have pushed out several updates specifically for Elementor compatibility. 

replied 2 months ago

this is still happening with the AI Short Pixel plugin. Not sure it is a good idea to use switch to internal embedding. I would also like to know.