Interesting New site for travellers

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QuestionsInteresting New site for travellers
Doron Zamir asked 2 years ago

I need to build a new website for local travels.
Need to create list of guides/instructors. the guides will register to the site by themeselves and will inupt name, city, profile and list of tours they are doing.
the travelers will be the website users. they will be able to search for guides according to the require city and then searching for list of tours. the local guides will be display for the user and the user will be able to select the tour by sending an Email message directly to the guide. also need a rateing system for the guides list. the rateing will fill by the users.
Can you recommand such a plugin?
Thank you,
Doron Zamir

Doron Zamir replied 2 years ago

Dear Stratos,
Thank you for your help and ideas. I checked and it certainly seems to be the best solution for the website i am going to build.

2 Answers
Adam @ WPCrafter Staff answered 2 years ago

Typically when you have such hyper-specific requirements like that, you are going to need to build it all custom.

There is nothing that I am aware of that does that.

Doron Zamir replied 2 years ago

Dear Adam,
Thank you for your answer look that Stratos has gave me a greate solution for that interesting question.
Your training videos are great and help me a lot! Thank you for everything!

Stratos Karavarakis answered 2 years ago

I think that directory themes are the ones that you are looking for.

Take a look at these