InMotion or TMD Hosting?

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QuestionsInMotion or TMD Hosting?
asked 2 years ago

Hi Adam can't find any credible person other than you to answer and elaborate, the question I have with regards to the best web hosting company that I should get. I'm a complete newbie in creating a website and now that I want to take it seriously, I wish to get the best web hosting for my website. I've watched video about TMD hosting and it says that it's the fastest web hosting right now with SSD, much faster than Hostgator and Bluehost. I know that you are using InMotion right now and would like to ask for you opinion about TMD. Thanks and God bless.

1 Answers
Adam @ WPCrafter Staff answered 2 years ago

This exposes the sad realities of how people find hosting companies. It's usually the hosting company that pays the highest on referrals are usually recommended more. The flip side is those are the companies that offer the worst service too.

TMD Hosting is a perfect example. I was on the phone talking to a fellow YouTuber that at the time was only recommending TMD Hosting. What I heard from him was so shocking to me. He had said their service was so bad that all the tutorials he was making on WordPress, he was using a different hosting service, yet he still recommended them because they paid him a lot of money.

That bothered me a lot because for me, I will only recommend products and services that I use and 100% believe in. And I get attacked a lot for having this stance, because I will call a product or service crap which is certainly not how you make friends.

InMotion Hosting is by far a superior hosting service in every way.