I’m having trouble with the Astra transparent header

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QuestionsI’m having trouble with the Astra transparent header
asked 2 years ago

Hey Adam,

I'm having trouble with the Astra transparent header. I have the pro version of Astra and Pro Elementor. I have a screenshot attached and marked. In the nav menu when I hover over the item that has sub-items it always displays a little mark right over “Portfolio” part. I've tried just about everything.

Thanks, Christian

3 Answers
Adam @ WPCrafter Staff answered 2 years ago

Unfortunately, I can't see the image you uploaded. Can you try again?

Did you submit a ticket to Astra to get their help? It's super easy and they usually respond pretty quick.

Fredrik Sjodin answered 1 year ago

Hi Adam,

I have just gotten Astra and Elementor Pro 2.0.

I found one of your tutorials https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Iekm9DF6bQ

but wasn't sure if I need the plugin you mention, now with the latest Elementor 2.0 update?

I'd love to get my header transparent 😀

Kind Regards,

Wilson Smith
answered 6 months ago

Hi Adam,
I find your videos useful.I want to use non-transparent header menu on particular pages instead of transparent header and do the same with mobile header.I dont have the pro version. Please send the needful intsructions..

Thanking You.