QuestionsHow would i write the code so the container doesn’t just get content but commands a “loop”
Curtis Jordan asked 1 year ago

I have completely changed the header and sidepanels for buddypress boss theme using elementor and stylepress. I now have figured a way to have all the pages displaying the right content in the right layout. Just the activity feed I'm sure isn't just a get_content function. How and where would i write the code so the elementor container calls for the right feed as the activity is always changing?

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Adam @ WPCrafter Staff answered 1 year ago

Wow, you are really building something there. I will urge caution building anything with Stylepress, it was abandoned over 6 months ago, so do expect any future updated if something breaks. Regarding your question, I am not a WordPress coder, so I am not going to be much help there, sorry.

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