How to use Elementor to create a registration and login

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QuestionsHow to use Elementor to create a registration and login
asked 1 year ago

Hello Adam ,

kindly need to know how to use elementor login form to create a custom login page and how to use elementor forms to create a custom registration page .

i already created a page but it didn't work correctly as it suppose to be , no registration work or login , only form




4 Answers
Adam @ WPCrafter Staff answered 1 year ago

You can create a login page easily if you have Elementor Pro. There is a login widget.

As far as using the forms module for creating a registration form, that is not possible.

Majid Kadi
answered 11 months ago

The problem is that when I click on register on the login form, it comes back to it (login form).

answered 10 months ago

How can someone login to my site if they haven't registered or created a password to use during login?….
I don't see a register button in the widget.

answered 7 months ago

Is this a plug in? It would be helpful to include a link to find it. I can\'t find it from the add plug-in area of the dashboard.