How to remove tags from urls and secure against duplicate content?

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QuestionsHow to remove tags from urls and secure against duplicate content?
asked 2 years ago

I use ultimate theme and have troubles with correctly working website (I think that thisi is seo problem) Could you tell me how can I remove word “tags” from my website? For example i searched my site by wrote tag in google and I see this: http:// or http:// So how can I change it?
I know that other most websites haven’t “tag” in own urls, but my site using a lot of tags and I want to see only links with my articles.

If google can treat my website as a “duplicate content? Is it possible? I have a few tags for each article and these tags provides to the same text, so I'm worried about that.

And other questions connected with tags. I checked other websites and after wrote site:sample i saw results in google: for example 20. But when I wrote my own site to “site:my” i see results 60 and I saw that this large number – 60 is cause using words “TAG” in my urls.  So, how can I solve this problem? I want to ONLY see my articles of website.

Please help with this problem


PS Check your forum in /questions/ask/ because when I'm adding this topic I'm seeing duplicate “Title”, “Category”, “Description” and “Name”.

1 Answers
Adam @ WPCrafter Staff answered 2 years ago

My experience is that the whole duplicate content issue is a bit overblown. I have created websites with thousands of pages with the same exact content, but with minor variation, and they all rank perfectly fine.

Regarding tags, if you are using Yoast SEO you can set your tags to no index. Also, you can change the slug from tag to anything you want in your WordPress settings.