How to pull information from table or data?

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QuestionsHow to pull information from table or data?
asked 1 year ago

Hello, my name is Alex, I started working on a fan website for a video game, the main thing on the website is showing which settings and gear a certain player use to play the game.
so that's how I thought it's gonna look:
POSTS in those pages –
Team info
player info

Now because it's the same post for each player for example, from my understanding I just need to create 1 page as a template and then I can publish all the rest on this template page, my main question is if it's at all possible to “autofill” those posts from the database(table) I have for all the players and the information about them? going through 100+ players will take a long time, and the second even more important question is if I want to redesign the post look later, will I have to go through each post or is there a global edit for all pages? Because of all the posts will be identical in the way they look the only difference is the players' information and pictures and teammates, but the post layout is the same.

it's my first website so it took me a long time to feel comfortable with my design but I decided that it's better to just upload it and then tweak on the go.

Thank you