QuestionsHow to prevent spam traffic to WordPress based websites?
Bibhu asked 10 months ago

Hi, Adam

I just saw a huge hike in the Google Analytics page view graph. After some investigation, I found that it is a spam. It doesn't even visit my website and not spend a second of time on my site. I want to know how to prevent spam traffic to a WordPress based websites. Do you recommend any plugin for this particular purposes?

Is there any bad effect of spam traffic on SEO?

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Stratos Karavarakis answered 10 months ago

Do you see the visits to specific posts and pages or in the whole website?

Stratos Karavarakis replied 9 months ago

In short, bots do not affect the SEO. But I would suggest to install a security plugin like ithemes and set it so the website block an IP if it has more than a number of request per minute. Also you can read this

Bibhu replied 9 months ago

Thank you, Stratos, for your replay.
It is specific to a post only. is it a common issue or serious?

Is it affect SEO?

Bibhu replied 9 months ago

Hi Stratos,
Thanks for your replay. I just saw a huge hike in analytics graph. It specific to a post.
It increases the bounce rate.

My question is, is it normal or a serious issue. Is it affect the SEO. Please replay

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