QuestionsHow to prevent spam traffic to WordPress based websites?
Bibhu asked 12 months ago

Hi, Adam

I just saw a huge hike in the Google Analytics page view graph. After some investigation, I found that it is a spam. It doesn't even visit my website and not spend a second of time on my site. I want to know how to prevent spam traffic to a WordPress based websites. Do you recommend any plugin for this particular purposes?

Is there any bad effect of spam traffic on SEO?

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Stratos Karavarakis answered 12 months ago

Do you see the visits to specific posts and pages or in the whole website?

Stratos Karavarakis replied 11 months ago

In short, bots do not affect the SEO. But I would suggest to install a security plugin like ithemes and set it so the website block an IP if it has more than a number of request per minute. Also you can read this

Bibhu replied 11 months ago

Thank you, Stratos, for your replay.
It is specific to a post only. is it a common issue or serious?

Is it affect SEO?

Bibhu replied 11 months ago

Hi Stratos,
Thanks for your replay. I just saw a huge hike in analytics graph. It specific to a post.
It increases the bounce rate.

My question is, is it normal or a serious issue. Is it affect the SEO. Please replay

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