Questions“How to create a free online course using WP and LifterLMS” Edit a lesson under Page Header Box.
Richard Onley asked 2 years ago

Re: 22 part course from WPcrafter, “How to create a free online course using WordPress and LifterLMS”
I am at youtube, 18/22, minute 13:18 of the “how to create a free online course using WordPress and LifterLMS”. Up to this point I have the same webpage layout that Adam has.
There has been an upgrade to LifterLMS that adds course builder. The builder was added in LifterLMS 3.13.0 From the course builder you can create new sections and lessons, manage their order, and edit their titles. You can also delete lessons and sections from the course builder. Its not a big change from what I see and I was able to set up each lesson.

Here is my problem:
When I navigate from Course Builder to edit lesson 1, the page header that Adam shows does not have a content section. It has a drop-down menu with 3 blank boxes. Each of the boxes are blank and do not direct you anywhere. I presume these 3 boxes relate to the 3 lessons that were set up earlier. I do not see any content box where I can add a youtube and adjust for: automatically add paragraphs, and padding, container type, text alignment, top to bottom padding, background colour, text colour, link colour and link cover hover.

How can I find this content section?

Thank you

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Adam @ WPCrafter Staff answered 2 years ago

So if you are using the child theme I provide, that option will be there when you are editing the lesson.

If this is not what you are seeing, perhaps add a screenshot of what you are seeing.

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