QuestionsHow To Change the Keyboard Shortcut Keys in Beaver Builder
Adam @ WPCrafter Staff asked 2 years ago

With the release of Beaver Builder 2, there are keyboard shortcuts available to quickly do common tasks. Some examples are saving a page, going into preview mode, and many other actions. But how do you change these shortcut keys?

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Adam @ WPCrafter Staff answered 2 years ago

After some digging around I have discovered that the Beaver Builder keyboard shortcuts can be customized with the following custom function.

add_filter( 'fl_builder_keyboard_shortcuts', 'get_keyboard_shortcuts_mine' );
 * Modify the Beaver Builder 2 Keyboard shortcuts
function get_keyboard_shortcuts_mine( $data ) {
    $data['showModules']['keyCode'] = 'm';
    $data['showRows']['keyCode'] = 'r';
    $data['showTemplates']['keyCode'] = 't';
    $data['showSaved']['keyCode'] = 's';
    $data['saveTemplate']['keyCode'] = 'mod+t';    
    $data['previewLayout']['keyCode'] = 'p';
    $data['showGlobalSettings']['keyCode'] = 'command+g';
    $data['showLayoutSettings']['keyCode'] = 'command+l';
    $data['toggleUISkin']['keyCode'] = 'o';
    $data['showSearch']['keyCode'] = 'command+c';
    return $data;



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