How to add Script in Elementor

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QuestionsHow to add Script in Elementor
asked 2 years ago

How can I add  script to my Elementor Page?

I can not seem to find out.

Thank you in advance

9 Answers
Adam @ WPCrafter Staff answered 2 years ago

Have you tried adding it to the HTML element? That is how I usually will add scripts to an Elementor page.
Also if your theme has a hooks module, you can do it that ways as well.

answered 2 years ago

Hi Adam
Thanks, that's just what I was looking for also. Only question now is, how do I center the result of that script (which calls a button linking to a third party). I don't have any of the usual alignment options.
Many thanks

answered 2 years ago

Disregard, sorry I found it.

answered 12 months ago

Care to share how you aligned  your content Mark?.  Thanks

answered 11 months ago

Yes, this fixed it. It does seem to load slower now, but maybe that's just me. 

answered 10 months ago
Fred Aebli answered 10 months ago

When I place <script type=”text/javascript”>{affiliate image and tracking code}</script> into the Elementor HTML block, the editor breaks.  It pulls the image in but that is all I see.  All the post/page content disappears.  I have successfully added this same code to my widget and it renders fine but I cannot place the same code in the body of the webpage.  The JS is dynamic and it generates a URL and image.   I am using Astra as my theme.
Is there another work around??

answered 5 months ago

Fred Aebli – was this question ever answered, I am having this same problem

answered 5 months ago

Hi Fred & Tom, was this question answered. I too am having the exact same problem. (Different theme, tho.)

Adam @ WPCrafter Staff replied 4 months ago

If your theme has a hooks feature, you can add it that way. For example, I use the Astra theme which allows me to add a script to any content on the site.