How to add courses to your website?

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QuestionsCategory: General QuestionsHow to add courses to your website?
Raja Sarma
asked 4 months ago

Hi. I want to know something about creating a site.

I have created a site similar to

The is a course providing website, and I make the site for providing courses too.

And they used a theme named EasyBook, and I have also purchased the theme to make my site. And that EasyBook theme is a listing based website theme.

I want to know that how they add courses on their website, please check once to check it, please sir.

I want to know that, is they only created pages for the courses, or they used any listing to create the courses.

And please see the website courses pages, I also want to know that, how can I add Rating counts, learners counts at the header image as that site

And they also have a slider for showing the courses on the homepage, how they do it? Please check once that website, and please tell me how do I do that all with the EasyBook theme.

Please sir help me.

1 Answers
Adam @ WPCrafter Staff answered 4 months ago

I just took a look at that website and they are not using WordPress at all. 
For adding courses to your website, I would recommend using LearnDash and following this tutorial:

How To Make An Online Course Website With LearnDash