How to add a page or post/blog within a page?

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QuestionsHow to add a page or post/blog within a page?
asked 1 year ago

I'm creating a recipe website which i would like to categorize my food into different categories.
For example, a “Chicken chop” recipe would be under the category “Chicken” and also the category “Lunch” or perhaps “Dinner”.
So i have both “Chicken”, “Lunch” and “Dinner” page under my “ALL RECIPES” menu.
But how do i add the “Chicken Chop” recipe page in “Chicken”, “Lunch” and “Dinner” page and add a picture to it that you can click then it will bring you to the “Chicken chop” page.

Here's a good example

the best is also have a “Category” selection on the sidebar as shown in the link above.
That means i can narrow my selection .

Thank you so much !!!

1 Answers
Adam @ WPCrafter Staff answered 1 year ago

If you are using a page builder, for example Elementor, there is a module that will let you show posts based on category.

If you are not using a page builder, you can use a plugin like WP Show Posts.