QuestionsCategory: ElementorHow do you set an RSS feed with a custom blog page built with Elementor?
Dan asked 10 months ago

I watched the ‘How to create a conversion focused blog page with Elementor page builder' video and loved it, it looks great.

But, if I set my WP ‘posts' page to the new blog page, it reverts back to a standard WP blog page and doesn't display what I've just built in Elementor. Switching it back off (having no set ‘posts' page) resolves this but then I lose my RSS feed.

Can anyone help me fix this to send out a working RSS but keep my custom Elementor blog page?

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Adam @ WPCrafter Staff answered 10 months ago

This is odd to me because I use the same technique in the video for my blog page and have no issues with RSS feeds. What does your feed look like?

It should look like
*Of course this is for my site

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