How do you handle pay for WordPress themes and plugins after they expire?

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QuestionsHow do you handle pay for WordPress themes and plugins after they expire?
wgkrueger asked 2 years ago

One of the points of confusion on each of these Pro and pay versions of WordPress plugins and themes is the issue of yearly subscription and ownership. Inn my particular situation I don’t sell my services but volunteer to help, usually for non-profits and the like. And a lot of times I end up paying for whatever tools and services are needed. This is where getting an understanding of the licensing fees is important to me because I usually don’t mind paying an upfront, single use fee, I absolutely do not want to and really can’t afford to pay that fee yearly and because of the nature of the organizations I end up volunteering for they’re resources are limited and can’t pay yearly either. So, for instance, in looking at the Elementor pricing page FAQ they answer that with “Your existing project will remain intact” On other pro/pay product sites it’s not all that clear. For instance, on the MemberPress FAQ page their answer to this question is a lot less clear although I think they’re the same as Elementor.

So my question is, are all (or most) pay/pro themes and plugins that you’ve run into a pay once and it will still work after the membership period expires and not renewed?

1 Answers
Stratos Karavarakis answered 2 years ago

There is no straight forward answer to this. Most plugins that you install in your WordPress website will work fine after the end of subscription. You will just not get updates and support.

The plugins that you should be careful about is those that the use a webpage service of their own (API or service from their server). For example if you are paying a company for sending newsletters through them, you basically are using their server to send the emails. And that will not work after the end of subscription.

Do ask the company before you buy. They will answer. If they don't just don't buy cause if they don't respond to questions they will definitely not support you in case of a problem.

Stratos Karavarakis replied 2 years ago

That depends on the agreement that you made before you start the project.
There are some plugins that I use all the time and I have bought for unlimited sites so I charge a little extra but if the client wants to do something that requires a specific plugin, he is the one that buys the plugin.

wgkrueger replied 2 years ago

Hey, thanks for your reply. It’s kind of what I thought. Of course discussions of these kinds bring up further questions.


How do you handle licensed products for your customers. Do they purchase and own the license or do you?

If you do the purchasing do you transfer it or do you bill the client yearly?