How do you build an Archive template in Elementor Pro 2

QuestionsHow do you build an Archive template in Elementor Pro 2
asked 1 year ago

I am struggling to get this to work, but I think I am doing something wrong. Has anyone seen a good tutorial video on how to do this? Also having an even harder time trying to get it to work with a custom post type and custom fields. Is this not yet supported??? Thanks!

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Stratos Karavarakis answered 1 year ago

Elementor pro 2 supports ACF. Check this video

mulli answered 1 year ago

You can build a page and use posts element.
Then set the query to select the exact category you need.

Chandra answered 6 months ago

I am also looking to display custom fields in archive page created for custom post types. Can anyone help us?

Thomas answered 4 months ago

Actually me too. I find it very boring to only use the few little fields available for archive pages. Is there a way to display custom fields in archive pages?

Peter answered 3 months ago

+1 Trying to get assign an archive template for a Custom Post type

adrian answered 3 months ago

Do any custom fields plugin work with product archive templates?

Antonin answered 3 months ago

Elemtor answer each time they will fix it but don't do it for moment
I use know Jet Element (Crocroblok) and it work with the plugin “listing element”

Javier answered 2 months ago

Even if Elementor says this has been implemented since 2.0 version…it isn\'t. here\'s the github thread, closed but unsolved, regarding to this matter:

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