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    • Apr 25, 2021 at 5:18 pm #46995

      I have my first student, who has already paid, entering into the course tomorrow!

      All the sections and lessons are ready to go, and so I tested out the coupon to purchase the program.

      That goes smoothly…. email received with link… and the link opens up the dashboard okay, but there's no “sign in” happening?

      I did use a membership for purchase… but there's no way to “sign-up” for the course either?

      And I have a “login/register” button at the top of the page but there's no link to it? What's the link for the login/register part?

      I've looked all over the web to solve this problem and I can't find the solution! I'm in a panic because I have a few more lessons to design and the students in coming in tomorrow!

      Yes, I know last minute is not a good thing… but it just happened that way! Ugh!

      I hope you guys answer speedily! Lol.

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