How do I uninstall cornerstone editor and replace with elementor

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QuestionsHow do I uninstall cornerstone editor and replace with elementor
John Daigle
asked 2 years ago

I have started an X theme site and would prefer to use Elementor Pro instead of Cornerstone. I can use Elementor and some pages are a hybrid of Cornerstone and Elementor. So if I deactivate I still have Cornerstone element artifacts and don't know how to switch over to Elementor completely.  I am willing to use a different Theme if necessary. Thanks!

2 Answers
Adam @ WPCrafter Staff answered 2 years ago

Are you able to use 2 page builders on 1 website, just not 2 page builders on the same page.

Sadly, when you create content in 1 page builder and want to change to a different page builder, many times you have to recreate the content in the new page builder. Even worst, Cornerstone will leave shortcodes in your content, making it unusable.

Elementor doesn't do this when you deactivate Elementor your content is still there fully intact. You lose some of the styling, but the content and images are still there WITHOUT shortcodes.

answered 4 months ago

have the same question.. It would behoove elementor to create a script that runs and transitions – innumerable the number of people who would transition from cornerstone!

Adam @ WPCrafter Staff replied 4 months ago

That would be nice but I think it would be so complex to make that its highly unlikely.