How do I uninstall an Astra starter site without resetting WP?

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QuestionsCategory: WordPress ThemesHow do I uninstall an Astra starter site without resetting WP?
Sally Pfeiffer asked 1 year ago

I downloaded an Astra Premium site and then decided to change to a different one. When I did this, it created a mess. I took your advice and used the WordPress Database Reset plugin and started from scratch. After a few hours of reinstalling and setting up every plugin, etc., the support people at Astra who were helping me installed the wrong site. How can I delete it without having to go back to square one?

Thanks so much!
P.S. Please send a non-techie answer

5 Answers
Adam @ WPCrafter Staff answered 1 year ago

Each Astra site will download and create images, pages, a menu, maybe Astra custom layouts, and customize some settings in the customizer. So you could use the database reset plugin and choose the option to delete the media and you will be fully reset.

Stratos Karavarakis answered 1 year ago

Delete pages, posts and menu. After that start customizing and building the website

answered 9 months ago

hi – the reset plug in that your recommend is no longer there.  I deleted all the media images on the astra theme by mistake – so now all the place holders are gone as well.   sigh.  how do i get a clean slate so i can upload the astra zip files.  i tried deleting the plugins and reinstalling but that did not work.

answered 7 months ago

Hi Adam,

What if I do not want to start over but I would like to add a page or two from Astra Starter Site. Can I add these pages without messing up my other pages?


answered 5 months ago

Hi Adam, I like your work. I do not think this plug-in is available anymore. I installed Astra theme but decided to go with a different theme. I find that Astra leaves significant amounts of leftovers and prevents new themes default media to be installed. Any tutorials on that would be helpful.