How do I retrieve user images that were lost?

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QuestionsCategory: General QuestionsHow do I retrieve user images that were lost?
asked 1 year ago

After watching Adams video on the Astra lifter compatibility and style, I backed up a  version of our LMS that was built on launchpad to staging, installed Astra, then added ones of their themes via Astra's theme selection plugin and started playing around. Very cool.

But after a few hours of tweaking the design and turning off some of the add-ons such as Social learning (which we are not sure we want to continue to use again anyhow) and adding new pages with Elementor, I noticed that some of the Instructors avatars disappeared. When I went into the user admin for the ones that disappeared I have no control over re-adding the avatar, nor does any user. After turning back on Social learning, the avatars re-appeared.

Any advice on how to keep the user/teacher avatar after turning off the social learning add-on in lifter?

1 Answers
Adam @ WPCrafter Staff answered 12 months ago

It should work because all the images are from Gravitars. I would suggest reaching out to LifterLMS since you have a support package with them.