How do I replace images in an Astra Starter Site?

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QuestionsHow do I replace images in an Astra Starter Site?
asked 2 years ago

Hi there,

Please assist me – this is driving me nuts because I cannot see how to change this and it is probably not so difficult 😉

I have installed one of the Astra Started Sites using Beaver Builder – it is called
Co-Working Space.

On the primary menu on the home page is a tab called ‘Amenities'.
If you click on this, there are 3 squares with images called Work Floor, Kitchen and Conference Room.
How do I replace these images with my own images? I have tried dragging in the IMAGE button from the Page Builder but this only opens my image up on top of the image that is already there so I can see both of them

Please help!

Many thanks

1 Answers
answered 1 year ago

the same question i have for your tutorial with DNK homepage image is not replaceable