QuestionsHow Do I Recreate this in Divi 3.0 for my client EASILY!!! With Css Copy and Pasting?
John asked 1 year ago

Hi, if anyone here can help me find a Quick way to recreate this website for a client using the divi theme…It would be a life saver. The client wants a duplicate of this website…but made to look a little different.

These are the sections that are Important!!!

1. Homepage Header/Menu/Bottom Menu Button Functionality…IN DIVI.
2. The Other DOcuments Page: See the way the packages look…He wants this. What plugin does this? Or does Divi Do this Already, if so HOW can I recreate this page. IMPORTANT!
3. The Map Searching Feature. He needs a Google Maps Plugin that allows Property searches from his website. How do I Do This…This is the 1st most important Functionality he wants. The second is Question #2.

I'm on a 10 hour timeline to create this…with the right direction I can create this…The written content is already done…just need to create the graphicall aspects and match them. Thanks to the Community. Thanks Admn.


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Adam @ WPCrafter Staff answered 1 year ago

Hey Don, sorry to report that there is no easy or fast way to recreate a site, it needs to be done manually.

You can, of course, outsource it to someone well versed in Divi.

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