How do I make a popup from an image in elementor?

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QuestionsHow do I make a popup from an image in elementor?
asked 2 years ago


I have spent days trying to make this work but to no avail. I have tried PopupMaker plugin, popup for elementor plugin, even PopBox plugin but none of them work. I have an image which has a free book bundle I'm giving away. I want someone to click on the image, have a popup come up where they give their name and email in return for the download. I use aweber and tried to set it up with zapier but I'm not even sure that's working. In elementor, I am building a new home page and everything I do will not allow the popup to come up when I review. Anyone have this problem and have you found a solution?

3 Answers
Adam @ WPCrafter Staff answered 2 years ago

Popupmaker can't make an image a popup?

I don't think PopBox can. I use Thrive Leads and can do it pretty easily, but its a paid plugin.

answered 9 months ago

Use Ultimate addons for elementor plugin -> Modal popup addon

answered 6 months ago

You can do it now with no add-ons, just straight elementor…just in case you haven't figured it out yet or you want to get rid of extra plugins. I know this has come after some updates but thought I would post –