How do i fully maximize my google search SEO?

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QuestionsCategory: WordPress SEOHow do i fully maximize my google search SEO?
asked 1 year ago

I have Yoast SEO installed and google seems to be finding pages that I do not have on my website. ( –> when i google it, pages like “Know How” and “Services” are showing up, even though those are not actually pages on my website.)

Is there any way to get rid of these pages that are not on my website?

They are not under the “Pages” tab in the wordpress backend.

I'm using WPBakery if that helps.

1 Answers
Adam @ WPCrafter Staff answered 1 year ago

It looks like at some point those were valid pages on your website, so that is how they got there. That being said at some later point they must have been deleted from your site which is why there is now the 404 page.

So here is what you can do. You can wait for google to come back to your website, when it sees the 404 pages it will remove those links.

Or you can get your website added to google search console and request for them to be removed. See