QuestionsHow do I fix that Elementor created front page does not show as homepage.
Brett Duncan asked 11 months ago

I have created a new homepage-styled page in Elementor and set the condition as “Front Page” only. In WP Setting>Reading, I put “Your Recent Posts.” The problem is that this newly created Elementor page does not show, anywhere. The homepage shows recent posts, but remains in very basic format. The only time I can make the Elementor-created front page work is when I choose “Static Posts” and make my Blog page a homepage. However, I do not like this solution as it looks silly to have “Home” and “Blog” with the same content. Your help is much appreciated. I am lost.

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Stratos Karavarakis answered 11 months ago

Create a new page called “Home” and from WP Readings select static page and then select page “Home”. After that you can customize the page with Elementor. And since you have already create a page, save the template from that and recall it on the home page

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