How do i fix my design-issues with Elementor and Astra-Theme

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QuestionsHow do i fix my design-issues with Elementor and Astra-Theme
asked 1 year ago

i am really new to wordpress and elementor, but i like it so far, even if i dont understand much off it… lol

But something is driving me nuts:
I work with Elementor (free) and the free Astra-Theme, so far so good.
I am following a tutorial in youtube, but i must do something wrong regarding my header image, see the screenshot:
i have a huge gap between my menu and the headerimage, and i dont get why or how to remove it

Another more complex question if you dont mind… i hope you could give me a hint.
I am kinda confused about Elementors Sections and Columns.
So here is what i wanna do:
Main Content-Area at the left site of each site, and some kind of “banners / widgets / links / extra infos” on the right site of every page.
Thats where my problem starts: “howto” do something like that the best way? With wordpress widgets feature? with elementor? and if so, how?

I hope you can spare 5 minutes or something like that to enlighten me!

Thanks you very very much in advanced!


2 Answers
Adam @ WPCrafter Staff answered 1 year ago

I would recommend asking the person whose videos you are following.

Stratos Karavarakis answered 1 year ago

For the first problem, the theme may have some margin by default. Check the theme in the customizer or a specific page with theme options or maybe the page that you are creating if it has any margins. If it has remove it. Another solution would be to give the first section a negative margin but that is not the best solution for some reasons.

The second problem is simpler. A section is basically a “box” so that the elements that are inside share inherit the characteristics of the box. I hope I don't have to explain the columns. The example that you are giving is done with a sidebar that has all the widgets that you want.