How do I fix Elementor loading Error ” Preview could not be loaded”

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QuestionsHow do I fix Elementor loading Error ” Preview could not be loaded”
asked 2 years ago

When I try to open my WP , I get an error message that the preview can't be loaded. There is a list of things to fix it, but some of them I don't understand.
The very first one says to deactivate all my plugins and then reactivate them one at a time to see which one could be causing the problem.
Is that a good idea, will I lose any information on my site or mess anything else up, like security?
thank you

2 Answers
Michel Dijkers answered 2 years ago

Yes , you can deactivate all plugins and activate them by a number of plugins and then  figure out what plugin causes the problem.

answered 7 months ago

This could be simple caching error (a problem with your browser not elementor). I had this same issue, here\'s how I fixed it. If you are a Chrome user, go to the \”more\” option at the top right corner of the screen. Navigate to \”settings\” and click on it. Then scroll to the bottom and click on \”advanced\”. Scroll to the bottom: under \”reset and clean up\” there should be a \”restore settings to their original defaults\” option. Click on it, then click \”reset\”. Give it a couple minutes to work. Let me know if that helped!