How do I find WordPress programmer experienced in document management?

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QuestionsHow do I find WordPress programmer experienced in document management?
asked 2 years ago


The initial rev of our website is only six pages, very light on the artistry.

It is, relative high on the forms handling and the future extensions will require a lot of this.

SmartyPants seems to have the capability of doing what we need but $475 seems a bit much for us to stumble around and learn on?

So, it seems to make sense to find a coder who can handle our current and future site work and who owns the unlimited license.

The spec is carefully defined and involves:

1. simple fill-in forms

2. parsing and concatenation of strings to generate user login

3. processing of initial and change passwords

4. feeding two simple .mp4 files

5. feeding a number of pdf files

6. recording in checkbox format of a registrant completing each step of registration

7. processing fill-in forms to generate both PDF and ASCII (or XML) versions of each

Please contact me or send recommendations for coders with which you have a strong and recent experience.

In advance, thanks!


[email protected]

1 Answers
Adam @ WPCrafter Staff answered 2 years ago

You may also want to try posting this on Upwork.