QuestionsHow do I edit the blog page in Astra free using Elementor free?
asked 10 months ago

I want to use my Elementor-created site header and footer templates, at least, on the Blog page.  I'd love to use Elementor to design other elements, also.  Is this a use restricted to Elementor Pro?  Is there a work-around that retains the native WordPress blog page?  Thanks, LSB

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Adam @ WPCrafter Staff answered 10 months ago

As soon as you tell WordPress which page is your blog index page, found in settings > reading, then WordPress takes control of that page and no page builder can edit it. This has nothing to do with Astra or any theme. This has nothing to do with your page builder either.

The solution is easy. Leave that setting blank, and then create the page in Elementor. That’s it.

In fact, that is how I have my blog index page setup.

Linda Sue Buehler answered 10 months ago

I lost three days searching for my answer.  I tried setting a different page to be the post page so I could edit the Blog page with Elementor free.  As soon as I set it to be the posts page again, all work was lost.  Fail.
I had the rest of my website finished, so I was leery about using the customize function to change the background color on only the blog page when I'd used Elementor to set the background on the rest of the site.
Sure enough, setting a background color on the Blog page set that color across all pages.  I left it that way and plunged on.
When I created a test post, Elementor was back, but only inside the body of the post.  I'm unable to edit the appearance of the sidebar or the heading or header menu and can't add the footer section the rest of my site has above the footer bar.
All I can find on the subject was a pre-2.0 post from the Elementor people saying Blog pages are not editable at this time, they'll consider it in future.  I can't find anywhere that Elementor 2.0 does it now.  I now have this one page that's key to my site's purpose with that oddball header menu and I guess I get to live with it.

Vivek Kubal answered 2 months ago

I hope you might have found your Answers Since its around 8 months now. to edit blog using Elementor. you need to create blog page on Elementor Option in your WordPress left Options. 

John answered 1 month ago

Hi Vivek, 
So are you saying you can create a blog with ElementorFree? or is that with Pro
There seems to be information about Pro everywhere, but this is the only one I can find referring to Free.

Shaikha answered 2 weeks ago

im having same problem, no edit with elementor button on my blog page 🙁

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