QuestionsHow do I create a single price for a course with LifterLMS?
Serwaa Anokye asked 1 year ago

I am following your tutorial for building an LMS website using LifterLMS.  I only have one price for my course and I don't have Elementor Pro, how do I go about putting it on LMS homepage website

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Adam @ WPCrafter Staff answered 1 year ago

I don't fully understand your question.

For any course you create in LifterLMS you can create pricing plans. In this case, you can just add 1 price for your course. Then visit the course page > click on the button to buy the course > and that is the URL you want to add to any button to take them to buy the course.

You can use this button anywhere on your website to send someone straight to the shopping cart.

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