How do I change this selected menu color in Elementor Pro?

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QuestionsHow do I change this selected menu color in Elementor Pro?
Tim Evans asked 1 year ago

I'm using Elementor Pro. I don't see a way to change the color of the bars above and below a nav menu item that indicates it's the selected menu item (The blue-green lines above and below “Home” in the attached screenshot).
Am I overlooking something or is there no way to change this?

4 Answers
Adam @ WPCrafter Staff answered 10 months ago

Are you sure it's not there in the style options for the elementor navigation module? It must be set somewhere.

answered 10 months ago

I have the same question…seems like a pretty elementary option, but does not seem to appear anywhere in the Pro version…?

answered 8 months ago

I havent tested in all responsive modes, but I threw in this, in an html block on the page, and seemed to help me w/ it…
    .e–pointer-underline a:hover::after {
        background-color: whitesmoke!important;

answered 7 months ago

In main menu tab, right under \”typography\” go to hover>pointer color