How do I change caption box and font colors?

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QuestionsHow do I change caption box and font colors?
asked 1 year ago

Adam, I am using one of your DFY templates with Beaver Builder, but I am having an issue with the captions in photos. The caption box is a dark background and the font is black and makes it very hard to see. What I would like is to remove the box background and just show the cation. I only show them on “hover”, not all the time.
I am using your child of Tesseract theme, WP version 4.9.4 and BB Lite version

1 Answers
Adam @ WPCrafter Staff answered 1 year ago

I think I was using that over 3 years ago. I would suggest using a different theme since the Tesseract theme has no support at all.

But to answer your question, you would have to add some custom CSS to get that changed. You can search for CSS on my website here to view some tutorials.