How do I add mp4 videos using elementor?

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QuestionsHow do I add mp4 videos using elementor?
asked 2 years ago

I would like to add video to my homepage but in the video element option, I only see YouTube or Vimeo. How can I upload an mp4 file using Elementor?

I found great videos on and they explain at the bottom some code but how do we add that code to Elementor?

2 Answers
Adam @ WPCrafter Staff answered 2 years ago

Funny because someone asked me this 2 days ago on Facebook. I ended up suggesting buying Elementor Extras because it has an HTML5 video player that is highly customizable.

He said he spent 8 hours looking for a solution before asking me.

answered 1 year ago

Hi I have a similar issue. In this webpage these short video clips are like a better quality GIF

I want to create the same look, short tutorial clips. I created short videos with powerpoint and uploaded to wordpress as mp4, and set up the player options to autoplay & loop. In one page there are about 4 of these short videos. When I uploaded the first 2, they would autoplay but after adding all 4 videos, none of them would autoplay. So when I go to the page I have to manually play each one.

Could you tell me how this works? What the options the wiki page is using? Or is there any possible workaround for this via THRIVE. I have thrive architect installed.

Thanks a lot in advance

P.S. I looked for solutions for this for days. I came across your Gutenberg tutorials & that's how I discovered you. (Great videos by the way!!! Thanks for that too)