How do I achieve a journaling look for my website?

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QuestionsHow do I achieve a journaling look for my website?
Huda Abdurrahman asked 2 years ago


I am a bit new to WordPress.

I wanted to build a website about planners, journaling, and stationery in general.

I had this idea to make the website and the blog look like an actual journal, with the widgets and footers and menus look like stationery items, like pads and post it notes.

I want to give my readers the feeling that they are flipping through a journal when they read my blog and flip through my pages.

What do you suggest I do to achieve this look?

Is there a theme that I can use for that? (Other than Scratchpad for WordPress, because I already use that, and I want something more customizable and that looks like an actual journal or a planner).

Or can I design it with Elementor or other page/ website builders?

Or do I have to learn coding to achieve this goal?


Thank you for your time.


1 Answers
Stratos Karavarakis answered 2 years ago


You can build the pages you want using elementor and design them as pages of a magazine.

As for my opinion don't do the flipping thing from page to page. It is a cool feature for one or two pages but if I would visit your site daily or read more that 4 pages I you get tired of the flipping effect. Also it would slow down your site.