How can i embed my wordpress live website into mailchimp email

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QuestionsHow can i embed my wordpress live website into mailchimp email
asked 1 year ago

Hello Adam,

So i have a new website built on wordpress. I have also enabled content copy protection on home page and posts on my website. Next was to announce this website launch using mailing list. I was hoping to leverage mailchimp new feature called insert from url – to embed a live website rendering into email so that when user receives that email, it shows the working webpage in their email and they can start navigating from there. Problem is with the copy protection on, it does not allow rendering when i import from url. So, i deactivated content copy protection plugin, and when i try again, it does not bring that previous copy protection code but still the website does not render correctly. Now both cases, if i click on a menu in that rendered page, that clicked menu page loads beautifully but that initial rendering is not working. Have you ever tried anything like this? what solution u propose for such situations?

1 Answers
Adam @ WPCrafter Staff answered 1 year ago

I think you would be best off contacting Mailchinp since it's 100% related to this feature in their app.