QuestionsHow can i add a page where people can post there reference links for jobs, products?
John asked 12 months ago

I want to add an extra page for companies or businesses to be able to purchase advertising space page where people can post there reference links for jobs, products, and services, please suggest me a name for that page and plugins that i can use for it. and method if you can

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Adam @ WPCrafter Staff answered 11 months ago

Sounds like you want to have a classified website. I have looked at various solutions and I find them all to be very ugly. i am not aware of anything I can recommend, sorry.

Stratos Karavarakis answered 11 months ago

I would not suggest you to create a page where everyone can post a job or anything else. You would like to filter the content that is been posted and the layout will be terrible. What if the first one is offering adult services and the second one is offering kids games? And what if the first one is typing all lowercase and the second all caps?

You can see where I am going. I would suggest creating a demo page with some content to show how it will be displayed and create o contact form so someone can send you the info that you want. The text, may be a phone number or an e-mail address or something else. After a while and when the content of the page starts filling up then you can create a sidebar and put images that are saying something like “advertise your business here” so a company can contact you and buy the space from you. Again they should contact you and send you the images and put it yourself. No company will buy space for a page that is not having traffic and content. And you don't want a company to do it manually for the reasons I mentioned before. Plus imagine if a company loads a picture which is 10MB.

That was a long answer. Please read it so the time it took me to write it was not wasted!!

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