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    • Nov 27, 2017 at 4:12 pm #15281

      Hi Adam thank you so much for your content, I would like to ask you something that's always been a trouble for me.

      How to correctly edit the Blog Page and how to do it?

      I want to display my posts right? So I need to create a new elementor page and design it.

      First question: Do I remain with the old blog page as my entry blog page in the customize area of generatepress or do I change it to the new one?

      Second, how to edit the pages when someone uses the search widget? Because they are not going to see an elementor pro page they are going to see a generatepress page by default.

      Hope I made myself clear is pretty hard to be that specific when your native language is Spanish.

      Thank you!

    • Nov 27, 2017 at 4:12 pm #15285

      Ok so this is a tough one. The way WordPress works is, you can create a beautiful blog index page with Elementor Pro, but not the category, tag, and search pages.

      For the blog index page, you can create a page, name it whatever you want, and build it with Elementor. Then in your WordPress settings, you wouldn't specify a page for the blog because when you do that WordPress takes it over.

      Now for the other part, category and tag pages. In Feb – March 2018 Elementor Pro will have the functionality to create those templates. For now, you could purchase a plugin named Anywhere Elementor Pro, but it would be better to wait.

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