Good email provider for group email

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QuestionsGood email provider for group email
Bernie its all good
asked 2 years ago

Just wondering, whats a good email provider sending out group email from my .com email, just starting out so something free will be appreciated, thanks

1 Answers
Stratos Karavarakis answered 2 years ago


There are many good mail services out there.waht to choose depends on the number of the emails you will send daily. Sendgrid has a free plan with 100 mails every day for free.

If you are going to send more I would suggest Amazon SES. It is the cheapest and probably the most difficult to set up. They also require bounce rate less than 5%.

But the cost is 1 US dollars for every 10.000 mails. It is the cheapest one out there. And it is a solid company as you probably know.