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John asked 2 years ago

Hi WPCrafter,

I was wondering how one would go about filtering an image gallery like they do on this photography website:    You can filter the photographer's images by different categories.  I use BeaverBuilder.  I have a Beaver Builder theme, but I'm thinking I will need to get the themer plugin.

Would you consider doing a tutorial on this, or if you already have a tutorial, could you point me to that?

Thanks for your consideration, and all the great tutorials that you've already done.


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Adam @ WPCrafter Staff answered 2 years ago

Beaver Builder on it's own is pretty barebones. You really have to use one of the add-on packages with it. I use Ultimate Addons for Beaver Builder, or UABB for short. They do have an image gallery module with filtering options.

Randie Trestrail answered 2 years ago

Great.  Thanks so much for the reply.


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