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John asked 1 year ago

how do i show tags on the page of elementor? is there a addon that i can us that allows me to show and customize the page tags in elementor?

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Adam @ WPCrafter Staff answered 1 year ago

There isn't anything currently for that, but I am sure it will be added to Elementor Pro very soon.

Marc answered 5 months ago

Has this been updated? Adam is there an addon that allows for this maybe?

chebe answered 5 months ago


Robert answered 4 months ago

I don\\\'t understand how the most powerful page builder has no option for tags???

Jerker answered 3 months ago

I wold like a tag cloud option in Elementor, please.

TTwit answered 3 months ago

Adam – Love your videos. They have been a fantastic help. So is there no way to add tags to Elementor created pages?

Luciana answered 2 months ago

I'd also like yo show and customize the page tags in Elementor! (Or Pro)

Rigel answered 2 weeks ago

I also want to be able to list all the tags in my blog on in the nav bar.

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