Elementor Pro v2.0.x & GP Premium – nav-menu CONVERGENCE?

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QuestionsElementor Pro v2.0.x & GP Premium – nav-menu CONVERGENCE?
KKAOSS asked 1 year ago

So with the awesome innovations that Elementor Pro v2.0.x and Generatepress Premium I have been put into a bit of a dilemma.
I go to theme fill in site name tagline and logo in GPP, generate pages, available for a menu that GPP generates header at top of the page….but I would like to use elelmentor pro nav-menu feature now and that is where the problems begin.
Can you please make these two play nice in the sandbox?  Could you please do a scratch build (no domain or host svc purchase stuff) – just a scratch build using Elementor Pro 2v2.0.x & the latest iteration of Generatepress Premium?  I am using these tools at your recommendation and feel slighted (LOL) since the last website build you did was Elementor Pro and Astra (free) themes.