Elementor or BB & Themer for freelancer and which Addons?

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QuestionsElementor or BB & Themer for freelancer and which Addons?
asked 2 years ago

Hello guys!

I am a Student and Building a lot of Websites. Now i want to take the step and start my freelancing career. There i got the following problem, because i want to find the best solution to use one builder and theme for every homepage:

Option 1:

Beaver Builder + Beaver Themer + Astra Pro + Ultimate Addons BB

Option 2:

Elementor Pro + Astra Pro + Anywhere Elementor Pro + Which Addon Bundle?

What is your recommendation? And are the Addon Plugins fine? i dont want to buy 20 different ones…seems like UA for BB is a quite awesome all in one addon.

I hope you can help me!

1 Answers
Adam @ WPCrafter Staff answered 2 years ago

Both are fine and will serve you well. My personal preference right now is Elementor. By Feb 2018 Elementor will have the same feature set as Beaver Themer. So you won't need Anywhere Elementor Pro to build custom post templates.

Because I this, I am currently changing swapping Beaver Builder on this site for Elementor.

As far as an add-on package, the makers of Astra are releasing an Elementor Add-on very soon. That will be the one I use.